Please allow us to share The Prepped Life with you.  Prepped Life was started by Chef Janel and NPC Physique Competitor/Fitness Model Daniel Lee.  Being true New Yorkers with their hectic schedules and limited time to daily prepare and cook healthy meals Chef Janel and Daniel knew if they wanted to pursue a healthy lifestyle they had to be about The Prepped Life. 

What is The Prepped Life?

The Prepped Life is about preparing, cooking, and storing your meals in containers so that you can have access to healthy cooked meals at any given time and place.  This lifestyle is adopted by many athletes and fitness models to be consistent with their nutrition and maintaining their desired physique, weight, and performing at their best no matter what time it is and where they are.  This lifestyle has been a hidden secret and weight loss success to many for numerous years and now you can be a part of The Prepped Life! 


We are passionate in providing you fresh NEVER frozen healthy meals and purchase high quality ingredients to ensure you are taking in ALL positive energy through our nutritious meals.  Whatever your goals are you can share with us and we will do our best to help you achieve them!


We value Integrity: What we say we shall do. 

We value Honesty:  We are Honest about our quality of ingredients and our methods of cooking and preparing your meals. 

We value Accountability: We are responsible to deliver your fresh meals and you are responsible to eat our meals.