Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I pay?

All orders are placed online and are paid by credit card.

For cash pick ups or deliveries email

How do I get my orders?

Orders placed on the listed days will be delivered to you based on the address provided and delivery confirmation date.

**Deliveries are MADE on: Mondays PM and Thursdays PM.  Orders for Mondays must be submitted by Friday at 10pm.  Orders for Thursdays must be submitted by Tuesday at 10pm.

Pick up orders can be emailed at

Are orders delivered the same day I order? (Preps are done on Mondays and Thursdays)

No, orders are delivered and placed on the specified days below. A representative will send a confirmation with delivery date and Estimated time. 

Do the meal plans deliver daily?

No,Deliveries are done Monday Nights or Thursday Nights.

How long can I keep the meals refrigerated?

7 days from delivery date is the recommended time frame. Must be refrigerated or Freeze for longer lasting.

Are the meals portioned?

All meals are portioned and the macros listed on the site in the Menu section and labeled on each container.

Are the meals shipped frozen?

We do not ship, we only deliver locally to ensure freshness. Meals are never frozen. All meals are freshly cooked each prep.


*Meals are purchased in minimum order quantities of 12 plates. Not single deliveries daily.